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Loans guaranteed by the Veterans Administration that are only available to Veterans of the United States armed services, those currently in the service or reserves, and their spouses. Veterans can obtain a mortgage loan with little or no down payment.
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Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
A seventeen-digit identification number, unique to each ve-hicle, which includes codes for the manufacturer, year, model, body, and engine specifications.
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Vehicle Make
The manufacturer of the vehicle (BMW, Chrysler, Honda).
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Vehicle Model
The style of the vehicle produced by the manufacturer (Ford Mustang, Chrysler LeBaron, Honda Civic).
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Vehicle Trim
The option set for a vehicle of a specific Year, Make and Model. For example, the trims available for a 2006 Buick LaCrosse include: CX Sedan 4D, CXL Sedan 4D, and CXS Sedan 4D.
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